Importance of Family Time on Child’s Mental Health


In a day and age where we are constantly moving, going, and doing, it’s important to remember to slow down and smell the roses, especially with our children.  There are a lot of great reasons why parents want to spend time with their children, but most of us would not immediately think of the positive benefit it has on their mental health.  Children from birth to adulthood need attention and validation from their parents, we know this, but this is so much deeper than just praising them and affirming them when they are “successful.”  Research now suggest that truly engaging with your child has a plethora of benefits on the child’s mental health development. 

Spending quality time with your child:

·      Helps the child feel loved, appreciated, important

·      Helps the child feel heard, truly understood, and listened to

·      Helps the parent intentionally observe the child’s areas of growth, strengths, and preferences

·      Creates a stronger attachment between parent-child

·      The child feels safe to voice their real emotions, leading to more developed emotional regulation skills

·      The child can see the parent model communication skills and other pro-social behavior

·      The child’s self-esteem has a chance to develop at an earlier age

Positively Impacting a child’s mental health is one of the most important things you can do as a parent, so don’t forget to slow down, turn off the TV, and engage with your child.