Top 5 Communication Principles to Help Your Marriage


Communication is arguably the most challenging part of marriages.  Women often see and speak pink, and men often see and speak blue.  It’s no surprise that we have to work that much harder to communicate effectively, truly understand each other, and honestly interpret the other’s intentions.  This comes easier and harder to some couples, but one thing is for sure- we all need to be reminded of ways to improve our communication.  Here are five easy tips taken from Rob Flood’s article:


1. The Principle of First Response: The course of a conflict is not determined by the person who initiates, but by the person who responds.

2. The Principle of Physical Touch: It is difficult to be angry at someone while you are tenderly touching him or her.

3. The Principle of Proper Timing: The success of a conversation can be maximized if the timing of the conversation is carefully chosen.


4. The Principle of Mirroring: Understanding can be enhanced if we measure our understanding of content often throughout a conversation.

5. The Principle of Prayer: Success in communication is more likely when we invite God to be an active participant and guide.

While these may seem easier to read then to apply, give it a go and start practicing! Practice may not make perfect, but it does make improvement in your marriage J