Coping with Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety to some degree- it is simply the body’s reaction to perceived or real stress, danger, or unfamiliarity.  Anxiety is not always a bad thing and in doses can help us perform at our optimal, perceive threat or danger, and help us stay alert and engaged among multiple tasks.  On the flip side, too much anxiety can be debilitating and frustrating. The key is to find the balance. 


Here are 8 tips to cope with excess anxiety and find that balance:


1.    Exercise- exercise releases endorphins, which give us a natural high and an emotional element of contentment.

2.    Write a list down of what is true- what is real? What does the evidence point to?  Reviewing what we know is true often counters our unnecessary worry.

3.    Read this list 2-3 times a day and remember to focus on what you know is supported with evidence.

4.    Practice mindfulness- living in the present, rather than the future or past helps you focus with intentionality on what is going on now.

5.    Engage in Positive Self-Affirmations- Anxiety often creates negative pictures of our self as a result of worry and insecurity.  Practice telling yourself positive things about, who you are, what you’re  doing, and what your future holds.

6.    Routine- Create a routine of things you love to do that make you feel good as well as productive.

7.    Connect- spend time with loved ones who truly know you and accept you.

8.    Pinpoint stressful areas of your life and work through them- this could mean counseling, confiding in a good friend, journaling.  Surface your ‘stuff’ and get to the root of it.