Help! I am Having Trouble Sleeping

We all need our sleep on a regular basis to function.  Trouble sleeping can be due to a variety of things but most among those most common are anxiety, stress, depression, changes in environment, less than comfortable sleeping arrangement, medical or psychological issues, or unhealthy bedtime or daytime habits.  Anxiety, stress, and depression are often the most common issue to why people can’t sleep and then without sleep, anxiety, stress, and depression get worse.  Working through these underlying problems with a therapist can help resolve the sleep troubles. 

            Another common issue when it comes to sleep involves unhealthy daytime habits.  Napping, caffeinated beverages late in the day, sugary foods, heavy meals late at night, and not getting enough exercise can all impact your ability to fall asleep and stay sound asleep at night.


Some Tips for Better Sleep:

1.     Create a self-soothing bedtime routine- a bath, yoga, a book,etc

2.     Turn off all screens an hour before bed- Dim the lights, light a candle, listen to calming music.

3.     Avoid stimulating activities or stressful situations/conversations before bedtime- This can elevate your mood and blood pressure and can be a hard to come down from.

4.     Use the bedroom only for sleeping and sex- don’t mix activities with your sleeping space.

5.     Move bedroom clocks out of the room

6.     Get out of bed when you can’t sleep-  Don’t force it.

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If you are still having trouble sleeping, reach out to learn about possibilities of the underlying reasons that are causing you distress.

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