It’s common for parents to want to assist their child in feeling good about themselves, loving themselves, and being proud of who they are. Most parents believe that praising their child for every big or little accomplishment is helping reach that goal. Contrary to common belief, that is not the most helpful technique. Below are some tips that can impact your child’s sense of self in a positive way:

  1. Stop Over-Praising: When we praise for every little thing, the praise is “cheapened” and the child learns that perhaps the parent didn’t believe they could do it in the first place.
  2. Step back– children need to know that the parent believes in them. When the parent is hovering over their life, the child gets the message that they can’t do any of it on their own.
  3. Allow the child to take healthy risks- taking risks, failing, and trying again builds self-esteem.
  4. Let the child make their own choices– allow them space to decide.
  5. Allow the child to problem solve– let them try to figure out the problem before the parent steps in to give the answer.
  6. Allow them to pursue their passions– and help them stick to it even when it’s hard.
  7. And when they fail? Remind them that your love is unconditional and help them work through the failure to set new goals.

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