Many couples wait up to six years before going to couples counseling to strengthen their marriage- why is this?! Who can benefit from it? And what even is it? Counseling in any form can be anxiety provoking, but what if you knew it wasn’t too scary after all?

Almost anyone can benefit from couples counseling: 

  • Couples who want to strengthen their marriage
  • Couples who feel that they are living with a stranger
  • Couples who want to prepare or process through an upcoming or past hardship together
  • Couples who want to learn communication techniques
  • Couples who have one or both parties living with mental illness, depression, anxiety, or past abuse
  • Couples who have broken trust because of an affair, addiction, or external factors
  • Couples who need to hit restart on their marriage

What is couples counseling anyways?

  • A safe place for both partners to voice their feelings, thoughts, hurts, and hopes.
  • The therapist will use more of a systems approach in couples counseling- where the family is looked at as a whole and all of our decisions have consequences, positive or negative, on the rest of the unit.
  • The therapist does not take sides in couples counseling- each person is valued and respected from their perspective. The hope is that the therapist can facilitate each partner to see the other person’s side.
  • Both partners are viewed as change agents and are encourage dot look at themselves as well, instead of placing blame on the other.

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