Is My Partner Controlling Me?

Control. The loaded word that nearly every relationship has found sprinkled into an argument. While each relationship has different roles, norms, and ways of interacting; it’s sometimes hard to know if your partner is controlling or dominating you or if they “just have strong personalities” or “are just particular or opinionated” or “are often hotheaded and I don’t understand why.” It’s incredibly important to be able to identify between these elements and for each partner to feel valued, respected, and heard. 

Here are some red flags to help you determine if you maybe are being controlled or dominated in your relationship:

  1. My partner acts superior to me
  2. I can’t do anything without asking permission from my partner
  3. My partner is in charge of all of the money at all times
  4. My partner makes comments about how I dress until I change into something they approve of
  5. My partner works to dictate who I talk to throughout the day and becomes upset if I talk to someone they were unaware of
  6. My partner gets angry quickly and blames me for the anger
  7. My partner uses sarcasm often to communicate criticism of what I do, look, or decisions I’ve made
  8. My partner dominates and calls the shots for sexual experiences 

If you or someone you know is in a relationship where they feel controlled and dominated, reach out to speak to a professional to understand boundaries and communication methods that can be used to work toward a mutually satisfying relationship.