Overcoming Depression

Does it seem like your battle with depression has been a long one without much progress? Here’s a list of some things you can add to your daily life to gain back some ground. 


·      Establish a daily routine – give yourself a reason to get out of bed, and out of the house

·      Make sure you’re getting 8 hours of sleep so that dopamine levels replenish

·      Pay attention to what you’re eating. If your appetite is poor make sure you’re at least eating small amounts of food each day

·      Add foods to your diet that can help naturally boost your mood: Cottage Cheese, Eggs, Granola, Whole milk, Yogurt, Almonds, Walnuts, Black Eyed Peas, Brown Rice, Ground Flax Seed

·      Add sources of B6 and B12 vitamins: Avocado, Oranges, Spinach, Peanuts, Beans, Lentils

·      Remove foods that deplete dopamine: Cake, Corn, Crackers, Chips, Pasta, Pies, Potatoes, Pudding, White rice, Pastries

·      Schedule time to exercise during the week, to increase serotonin levels

·      Schedule time to connect with friends and family during the week

·      Choose at least three people in your life that you are comfortable being authentic with. Tell them what you are thinking and feeling

·      Tell yourself the truth about negative thoughts

·      Change the way you talk to yourself. Make sure to encourage yourself and give yourself grace

·      Understand your feelings, but focus on what you can control – your thoughts and feelings

·      Find healthy ways of coping with stress that work for you. Some examples are: journaling, exercising, breathing exercises, fun activities

·      Find things to laugh about

·      Enjoy listening to music, specifically classical or worship music

·      Expect life to have struggle instead of being surprised by it

·      Stay connected to your source of hope