Talking To My Partner About My Suicidal Thoughts

Having thoughts about death or suicide can be frightening for many people and some will experience shame, embarrassment, and guilt surrounding these thoughts. You may be worried your partner or friend will judge you or be scared. Perhaps you feel like they can't handle this information or you will be a burden to them. All of these thoughts that can accompany suicidal thoughts are normal and natural, yet they are not helpful and often not true. 

When it comes to having suicidal thoughts, it's really important to tell someone you trust and feel comfortable with. Here are a few tips in helping you communicate your thoughts:

  1. Try to think of this as just another conversation with a close confidant. Explain how you feel, what is contributing to these thoughts and feelings, and what help you need.
  2. Be prepared for their reaction. Not everyone knows how to respond when talking about suicide so work to manage your expectation regarding their perfect response.
  3. Ask them to assist you in getting help and connecting with a trained professional.
  4. Remember that when you tell someone about thoughts of suicide, more than likely they will also need to tell other people in order to help you maintain safety. They are doing this out of love and concern.

Taking this first step to tell your partner or a close friend can be hard and it takes a lot of courage but remember that we all need a 'little help from our friends' along this journey called life.


-Kimberly Presley, MSW, LCSWTo learn more about Suicidal Thoughts, visit the Taylor Counseling Group Blog.

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