What is Mindfulness? Pt. 2

Something that sets humans apart from animals is not only the ability to think but the ability to think about the way we think. By practicing mindfulness we begin to examine our own mental processes in an objective way without evaluation almost like a scientist by not labeling thoughts as good or bad, just observing them the way they are. This helps us to increase our awareness into our habitual ways of thinking, as well as, our ingrained patterns of behavior. For example you start to notice yourself feeling anxious and you observe your first reaction is to avoid or escape the situation. Instead of engaging in the behavior, you just notice it and return to the present moment. You begin to notice other thoughts that reactions that arise when you feel anxious, you observe them, and return to the present moment. When you start to see how you have been trapped by your thoughts and reactions you begin to gain the ability to step out of that trap. Mindfulness is simply a matter of being present. In fact, in the very moment you recognize you aren’t present, you’ve become present. However it is not always easy. It can be difficult to be faced with all the difficult thoughts and emotions we have been avoiding. Think about it. Many of us spent every minute of our day engaged in something and not being in the present moment. The second we have a second to ourselves we whip out our cellphones and get distracted by Facebook or Instagram. Mindfulness allows you to simply observe difficult thoughts and emotions come and go without always engaging in them.How do you actually practice this technique of mindfulness? Follow the blog to find out!