One Mindfulness

Have you ever spent your day on autopilot? Paying attentionto nothing in particular? Folks often doone activity(like driving a car)while their mind is focused on another. Scary, right? We think we can do more by doing two or more things at a time. In reality,it is quite the contrary.  When you allow your mind to befocused on one thing at a time, you will get more done. Sometimes we must quickly changefrom one activity to another. The key is to concentrate fully on the activity at hand.

Have you ever washed dishes while cooking? What about eating a meal while you are checking your email or watching TV? That isthe complete opposite of one mindfulness. When you eat, eat. When you play, play. Do each task as itcomes with your full attention!

By focusing all our senses, thoughts, and behaviors on a single task, we will be more effective.

One last reminder about one mindfulness! BREATHE! Webreathe all of the time so we must be really good at it! Actually, we are horrible breathers. We take narrowbreaths, rarely filling our lungs.  Taking a deep breath involves focusingon filling your lungs with air and slowly exhaling. Full, deep breaths bring oxygen toyour cells. Tryit and notice how it affects your energy level and ability to focus.

One mindfulness is important to becoming and staying emotionally healthy. Ready….Take a deep breath Set…focus on one thing……Go!