Building a Satisfying Life

Many of us - at one time or another - find our lives unsatisfying. An important part of building a satisfying life includes developing routines that include predictable and enjoyable relaxation balanced with responsibilities. Creating basic routines in your day can be a simple way to regain balance and enjoyment. Before starting to add a task to your routine, ask yourself if it is something needed or wanted. Routines need balance between what we need and what we want. Find a middle ground between pleasurable activities and responsibilities. Too much of one or the other can create imbalance. If you feel "stuck", adjust your routine. A predictable routine allows us to feel settled and safe!  

A satisfying life must include physical and mental self-care. Taking medication and vitamins, eating a balanced meal, and having a set bedtime are just as important for adults (not just children) in maintaining good physical self-care. Mental self-care can be as simple as encouraging yourself, identifying gratefulness, and planning positive activities. Some positive activities might be as easy as joining a group, breathing mindfully, or baking a cake. If you are ready for a more satisfying life, just try it!  

Get a calendar or appointment book and commit to a routine! Fill out a weekly schedule with everyday self-care and activities that might work for you. A satisfying life is worth the effort!