Rest Well This Winter Break

As Winter Break draws near, many of us are digging into the grind for the last week of work and school before the Holidays. Teachers are diligently grading the last of the semester’s assignments, while students feverishly study for exams and scribble out final papers. Moms are scurrying about town looking for thoughtful gifts for friends and family. Employees are wrapping up projects while employers complete annual reviews. And everyone is yearning for a much needed time of rest before winding up for the New Year. 

However, sometimes the things we do during our down time end up being less restful than we anticipate—in fact, sometimes we can walk away feeling more depleted after a day-or-two-long Netflix binge, hours of gaming, or mindlessly scrolling through social media. Even introverts reading for hours on end or extraverts hopping from coffee date to holiday party to game night to charity event can grow weary with their favorite past times. No one likes the feeling of getting back to work at the end of a break and thinking, “All I did was ‘rest,’ but I still feel so tired.” 

Don’t get me wrong—all these activities can certainly be fun modes of rest in moderation, but having only one method of resting can quickly become stale and lifeless. Thus, it is important to change it up and engage in a variety of activities that are rejuvenating for your personality. Every person is recharges in a different way, so take time to reflect on what activities consume your attention and drive away your stress when you engage in them. These will be the activities that are most energizing for you.

If you’re an artist, seek inspiration by going to museum or taking time to create. If you’re an athlete, call a buddy and go play ball. If you’re a nature lover, take a walk or bike ride away from the traffic and crowd. If you’re a music fanatic, attend a holiday concert in your favorite genre. Or if cooking is your jam, whip up a recipe you’ve been dying to try.  

Whatever your personality, be intentional this Winter Break to regularly practice restful activities that re-energize your mind, body, and spirit.