Feel your Feelings

It's okay to have our feelings and feel them too. We live in a culture where feelings- especially unpleasant ones- are taught to be avoided. Children often hear the words "Don't be sad" or "Don't cry" from a early age.  

When we don't express or acknowledge our emotions we aren't truly living. It okay to feel both pleasant and unpleasant emotions. Having emotions allow you to experience life and all that comes with it. 

When we express, process, and cope with our feeling we thrive. No one like to feel unpleasant emotions, but those emotions are a natural part of human experiences. Identifying healthy coping strategies to deal with uncomfortable emotions rather than avoiding or numbing them allows to not fear our emotions. Having emotions doesnt mean that our emotions have to over power or control us. Processing and coping with our emotions helps us take better care of ourselves. And when we take better care of ourselves we feel better about who we are and our self-worth. 

Things to remember:

  1. It's okay to have emotions

  2. It's important for us to feel our feelings- all of them.

  3. All our feelings are natural and important

  4. Processing and coping with emotions is important

 “Today, I will allow myself to recognize and accept my feelings- whatever they may be.”