Don't be Afraid to Ask

It is a very common piece of advice, "Don't be afraid to ask [for help]...there is no such thing as a bad's better to ask than assume and make an..." The reverse of not being afraid to ask for help is, "Don't be afraid to ask someone else if they need help." Yet, it seems so very uncomfortable and difficult to ask if someone is considering suicide and needs help. 

Often times, the discomfort reportedly stems from lack of knowledge and fear of implanting a fateful idea. So, inform yourself. Check out your local resources. Know that the research finds that asking if someone is considering harming themselves, in fact, does not create or increase suicidal ideation. And, more often than not, people will honestly tell you when they need additional support. 

Some resources to research for someone in need:

  1. National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1.800.273.TALK)

  2. Crisis Text Line (Text HOME to 741741)

  3. NAMI-different branches with local resources, like ADAPT (866.260.8000) in Dallas County

  4. Local psychiatric hospitals and outpatient therapy offices, such as TCG

  5. 911


  1. There is no such thing as a bad question

  2. It's better to ask than assume

  3. And if you are concerned, don't be afraid to ask