As uncomfortable as it is conflict is a normal part of people’s lives, especially in relationships. Conflict boils down to two or more people perceiving something differently which creates difficulty in one’s ability to achieve their goals. Most people today believe that conflict is always bad and that confrontation is to be avoided at all costs. However because it is such a common aspect of social interactions it is best to learn to deal with conflict in the best way possible. There can also actually be positive effects of conflict, as well as, negative effects. 

Positive Effects

  • A challenging crisis can be a test on any relationship. However, as much as it can tear a family apart, it can also bring them closer together. Overcoming a challenge or conflict can provide those in a relationship with a greater understanding of each other, improved unity, and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Conflict, if handled well, can allow others to share and take time to get to know each other better like their needs and wants and how to fulfill them. The also allow an opportunity for each person to clarify and express emotions they may have been holding in. To better handle conflict it may be better to express these emotions earlier than later. 

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