Why Candied Hearts Won’t Sweeten A Soured Relationship

You do not have to try hard today to find gifts or pre-scripted sentiments to show the one you love how much you care. Buying a dozen roses or sugary sweets may be just the right gesture to communicate appreciation. But, if it contrasts the typical lack of attention and appreciation given in the relationship, it may be as futile as adding chocolate to soured milk. To avoid having your overpriced gift fall short, here are a few commitments you could make today to truly show your partner they are your Valentine.

  • Commit to being a life long learner - Getting to know your partner’s dreams, hopes, fears, and favorites is just as important now as it was when you first started dating. Your partner is not the same person they were when you first met so make it a priority to learn something new or updated about your partner at every opportunity.
  • Commit to consistent date nights - Lovers become roommates when they lack the excitement of new shared experiences and quality time. Creating a specific day/time where just the two of you can connect on an intentional level without the “business of life” will do wonders for fanning the flame of love. 
  • Commit to speaking your partner’s love language - If you do not know already, find out your partner’s love language. (Here is a quiz to help http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/couples/.) Then make meaningful efforts to show your partner you love them in their language to further develop intimacy and connection.
  • Commit to focusing on strengths and gratitudes - There are reasons you chose the partner you did. Intentionally reflect daily on those positive attributes of your partner’s character, personality and contributions as well as thank them often for the little things they do to show love and make your life easier.  

It is never too late to start making small changes to spark the love and passion in your relationship. Memorable Valentine’s days are great, but it’s all the gestures and efforts the other three hundred and sixty-four days a year that prove to your partner your love is not an artificial sweetener.