What is This Whole Therapy Thing?

We know that a lot of people have a lot of opinions about this whole therapy thing. Ironically enough, all too often the strongest of those opinions are from the people who have never sat in a counseling session. I have heard a lot of those opinions; "it's too expensive", "you're just paying someone to listen to you", "I dont want to be psychoanalyzed by a stranger" Trust me, I know it can be a bit scary to enter an office to tell someone you just met about your deepest emotions and darkest fears but don't let that normal anxiety taint your persepctive on what therapy really is.

If you were to show up in our office for your first counseling session, we wouldn't sit down in a stale room and awkwardly go through your entire history of trauma, regret, and shame. No! The therapy space is a mutual alliance built on trust, empathy, and evolves over time. Just like any other relationship, you have to spend time and create memories with someone in order to feel connected. And just like any other relationship, sometimes your personality connects better with certain people, and that's okay. Don't be afraid to acknowledge that. Building a strong working relationship with your therapist takes chemistry, committment, honesty, and time. All four of those elements you can expect to receive from your counselor from the moment you meet them.  

Another thing that this whole therapy thing is NOT, is that it's not Magic and your therapist does not have a wand. As silly as this sounds to write this, it's a false perception of many people wanting fast results after walking into this office. Remember that old saying that "Nothing good comes easy", well that can also be applied to ourselves and the work of making ourselves into the best version we can be. The best way to see change in your life is to be open to seeing opportunities for it. Sure, your therapist would help you see different perspectives whenever that trust bond has been established, but dont be fooled that the biggest agent of change in that room is YOU. You have the power to stear the course of your life and counseling can be an effective tool to help get you there.