Can I Really Control My Thoughts?!

You've heard you can control your thoughts over and over from friends, family, maybe a counselor or a doctor, yet it still seems quite impossible, right? I get it. Seems so easy to say but so much harder to do. Why is it so difficult to control how you are thinking? Most of our thoughts feel automatic and we feel powerless to them, as if they are just "happening" to us over and over again. Maybe you feel like your a victim to what's going on in your head and that it's just so frustrating that your worries, fears, and negative thoughts just keep surfacing.  

Well, there is our problem precisely. We are not victims or powerless souls to our thoughts. We are not helpless to our beliefs that we choose to keep or throw out of our mind. The minute we decide to take our power back from our own mind is the minute we will begin to find freedom and power in controlling our thoughts.  

Yes, it takes practice and yes it takes motivation, but we are all capable of identifying the problematic thinking patterns we choose to keep around and replacing them with more helpful and healthy ways of thinking. The first step in this process of controlling our thoughts is to begin to recognize the unhelpful thinking patterns that keep us stuck. Check out my next two blog posts to begin to identity these patterns and to start taking control of your thoughts.