Recipe for a Satisfied Marriage

Nowadays we all want the prescription to success. We want to be able to follow three simple steps and produce an amazing outcome. Unfortunately when dealing with marriage, the merging of two completely different lives, it's not quite so simple or straightforward. Marriage takes a lot of work and we know that nothing wonderful comes easy in life. While we can't truly give one recipe that works for all couples, here are a few helpful hints that most satisfied marriages embody.

  1. Laugh Often: Never be too old to be silly and laugh at the small things.
  2. Celebrate Often: We know that in today's worked it can be hard to focus on all the wonderful things of our life, job, spouse, or family. However, studies show that those that CHOOSE to acknowledge the positive live longer and happier lives.  
  3. Intentional Time with Meaningful Conversation- as with any relationship, the more time you spend truly focused on each other, the stronger your relationship will be. This won't just happen naturally if you have a demanding job, children, or aging parents to care for so schedule it in your calander and dont miss it.
  4. Surround yourself with an uplifting and honest social support. Have healthy couple friends who you spend time with regularly and are able to talk openly about your strengths and struggles as a couple.
  5. Dont depend on your spouse to fulfill ALL your needs. Being too needy, dependent, or reliable on someone else increases chances for disappointment and minimizes individualization in the relationship- which is a healthy part of any close relationship.
  6. Fight Fair- There will be conflict in any relationship, but when it occurs, make time to solve it. Talk about it, be respectful, and don't do or say anything that will create more heartache down the road.

Each relationship is different in what each partner needs and wants to be satisficed but these are a few common themes that can't hurt!