6 Summer Mood Boosters

We all have different reactions to different seasons, especially here in Texas in the summer months. According to a study published in Emotion in 2011, there are four distinct types of people when it comes to weather and mood:
● Summer Lovers (better mood with warmer and sunnier weather)
● Unaffected (weak associations between weather and mood)
● Summer Haters (worse mood with warmer and sunnier weather)
● Rain Haters (particularly bad mood on rainy days)
Ten percent of those diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder experience an increase in symptoms in the summer. If you are one of them or just find yourself feeling irritable this time of year, here are a few mood Boosters to help you tolerate these months:
1. Be around people- It’s tempting to isolate and stay away from others when it’s hot but isolation contributes to depression. Get out there!
2. Stay on your sleep schedule- stay consistent and stay rested.
3. Hydrate- dehydration leads to low amino acid counts, which can contribute to depression.
Drink up!
4. Eat Mood boosting foods- eat for nutrition and hunger instead of emotional or boredom voids.
5. Find a body of water- being outside in nature is a natural tranquilizer.
6. Try something new- Find a new hobby, restaurant, hike, or activity-what better time than the summer?