Being Busy vs. Being Intentional

It can be difficult to make the change from being busy to being intentional. Being busy can be a way to ignore those things we dislike about our circumstances or things within us. The problem with being busy for the sake of being busy is that it robs us of living fulfilled lives. It can hide that which we need to confront (deep-rooted fear, anxiety about the future, etc.) or that which we could be enjoying (family, friends, small victories, etc.). Instead of being in control, we are being controlled. 

Being Busy - working on auto-pilot, not focused on outcomes (stress, wasted time, declining health), working blindly, offers false sense of achievement, stagnant

Being Intentional - working with purpose, results oriented, self evaluates and makes changes, focuses on what is important, innovative

Living intentionally produces joys, greater efficiency, healthier relationships, and a healthier mental state. The shift towards living an intentional life begins with getting in-tune with what’s important, increasing your awareness of how your time is spent, and finding the time to invest in you so that you have the fuel to keep going. 

  • Prioritize - Identify what’s most important to you and evaluate how much time and effort are going towards those things or those relationships.

  • Time Map - Do you know how you spend your time? Create a schedule to see where your time is going. 

Invest in you- When we get busy, we forget to invest in ourselves. Start with an achievable goal and schedule in two 30-minute "self-care dates" in your week. Take the time to read a book, watch a TED talk, eat lunch with a friend, go for a walk, etc.