Standing up for Ourselves

It's so easy to come to the defense of others.  

It's easy to recognize our friends being used, manipulated, hurt, or abused. We often tell them "You have to stand up for yourself" or "You don't deserve to be hurt." We often want to support and encourage them to succeed and to recognize their worth and value. 

Why is it so hard, then, for us to stand up and rally for our own behalf? Why can't we see when we are being used, manipulated, hurt, abused, or otherwise violated? 

It is often difficult to rally up for ourselves. When we don't believe we should be fighting for ourselves or that we are worth it; it's hard to stand up. We are worth it! We can own and value our own rights. People do not get to manipulate or hurt us- even if it's in a suttle way. Don't get caught up in thinking that other people have it worse or my stuff isn't that bad. Our feelings matter and we get to stand up for ourselves. 

How do we practice standing up for ourselves? Start believing we are worth it. Start listening to the words we often tell our friends. Start setting healthy boundaries with other. Remember that we do not need to be victimized. We are worth it and we can/ should stand up for ourselves.