Better Communication Can Lead to Increased Intimacy

Better communication skills will always help in a marriage. Three goals in communicating with a spouse, or significant other, are to build a solid foundation for growth by establishing safety, trust, and intimacy. The three goals also need to happen in that order. If the couple tries to build intimacy without first building safety and trust in their conversations they will not have a sound foundation on which to build intimacy. Sex might not feel as satisfying if the couple tries to build intimacy in the bedroom, failing to understand that intimacy is always built outside the bedroom and enjoyed in the bedroom. Intimacy outside the bedroom begins with communication and decision-making where both husband and wife are heard and considered. Knowing that the other is listening and willing to receive influence from the other builds a safe environment where one may speak their mind without rebuke. That type of conversation helps the marriage to grow, fosters safety and trust, and grows intimacy. Wanting to spend time together and do things together also builds trust. Showing the other person that “I make you my priority” by how you treat them is a wonderful trust builder. Who doesn’t want to be the priority of their spouse? Building a good relationship foundation of safety and trust will help intimacy to grow in ways that might amaze you. Here are some healthy relationship tips to increase intimacy:


  • Better communication leads to better understanding

  • Safety and trust in communication first, intimacy will follow

  • Listen fully to each other, consider what was said, then reply

  • Arguments never move the relationship forward, discussion does 

  • Plan events together including dining and shopping trips

Institute a regular date night and plan it together