You Are Lovable

You are lovable. Yes, you.  


Just because you are not in a relationship does not mean that you're unlovable. Sometimes relationships just don't go the way we want or just haven't worked out. That's okay. Feeling hurt and grieving lost relationships of love is important. You can let go of the pain. You can let go of the hurt. You are lovable and you are loved. Peeling back our emotions and processing past negative experiences and hurt allows us to recognize past relationships for what they were and begin the work of self-love. Loving yourself is important. Recognizing that you are lovable and worthy of love. Your relationships do not define your worth. You define your worth. You are lovable. You are worthy of healthy relationships.  


How to practice self-love

1. Be mindful- Practice recognizing your feelings and emotions. People who know what they think, feel, and want are able to better self-love. 

2. Practice self-care- You love yourself more when you take care of you. Get more sleep, eat better, go get a massage, etc. 

3. Set healthy boundaries- set limits with others and learn to say NO 

4. Forgive yourself- don't let past mistakes weight you down. They were lessons learned.

5. Protect yourself from unhealthy people- do not allow unhealthy people into your life. People in your life should celebrate success with you rather than compete against you.


You are lovable. Yes, you are lovable.