Coping With Change

Any major life transition is accompanied by a roller coaster of emotions: military deployment, marriage, new baby, cross country move, the list continues. While a few of these changes have garnered great attention and support, too many continue to amass the old adage “pull yourself up by your bootstraps . 


If you find yourself struggling ahead of or following a transition, please hear that you are not ‘crazy’ or alone. You also do not have to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” While that may work in some situations, it is not the only option. How long are you willing to suffer silently while you’re tugging at those straps? Consider speaking with a counselor to assist in sorting through the conflicting emotions, barriers, role confusion, and perhaps redefining yourself.


A few tips in the meantime:


1. Create a plan

 What are your goals for this change, and how do you intend to accomplish them?

2. Discuss roles

 If making this change with a partner, family unit, etc., discuss what your expectations are for each other throughout this experience.

3. Be willing to receive and provide gentle reminders

 Revisit the things you have already discussed with yourself or others. Are you holding yourself and each other reasonably accountable?

4. Be flexible

 Be willing and prepared to make changes to your plans as necessary. The simplicity of change is that we do not have complete control.