Myths of Change

In a previous post on change we wondered if people can actually change and how pessimism and unrealistic expectations can hinder the change process. This post will focus on common myths regarding change to make sure we have a realistic view of the often difficult journey of trying to change or improve our lives. 

  • Self-change is simple: This myth is definitely not true. Life is not a Nike commercial where we can “just do it”. Be prepared for the fact that it won’t happen overnight. Don’t give up when you mess up, learn from it and try again. Avoid comparing yourself to others causing yourself to question you own ability to change. Check out this funny clip for an example: Mad Tv - Just stop it


  • All you need is willpower: Will power refers to your belief in your ability to change and the effort needed to do things needed for change.  This commitment to change is only one small part of the complex process and isn’t all that is needed. 


I’ve tried everything and nothing works: You want to make sure each strategy you use you give enough time to work. It is easy to give up after trying something once or twice and it doesn’t work. Keep at it to be able to truly evaluate its effectiveness. Also keep in mind that technique and timing can influence the outcome. Try making small changes before completely giving up on a strategy.