Letting Go of Perfection

Stop expecting perfection. It's not reasonable or realistic. We are human. We are not perfect and it's okay. Expecting perfection in any aspect can lead to feelings of failure whenever those ideals are not met. It makes us question our own worth when we fail to live up to our perfect expectations. The less anxious, intimidated, and repressed we are by expectations of being perfect, the better we will do. 


How do we let go of perfection? The key isn't to stop aiming for higher goals or letting go of boundaries, but to stop measuring progress and growth in terms of perfection.  


Here are some tools to use to help you let go of perfectionism. 


  1. Practice getting rid of negative self-dialogue 

  2. Try not to use the word perfect to describe people

  3. Know that you don't have to be perfect to be worthy

  4. Work towards attainable goals and progress, rather than perfection.

  5. Practice self-compassion


When we begin to let go of perfection and begin to understand our true feelings and behaviors, we become more self-aware and hopefully begin to live a little happier.