Spring is Coming: How to Prepare for Your Next Season

Brush away the cobwebs, sweep out the old, and tidy up for the new season; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 


Try to identify areas in your life that need revitalization. Maybe its your thoughts, your marriage, relationships with friends or co-workers, health, perspective, or simply your immediate environment.


Whichever it is, Spring is coming. 

Lets break it down:


S - Specific, Identify Specific areas requiring attention: thoughts, feelings, actions to that need to be "spruced up"


P - Prune. Cut and Prune the parts of your life that need removal. Sometimes in order to flourish we need to cut back, or cut off entirely.


R - Rinse, give your actions and thoughts a healthy wash up. Scrub those messy/dirty areas, decisions, and actions (you know what they are)   


I - Increase self care, coping skills, interests, and hobbies. Invest in yourself and your newly refreshed perspective. 


N - Nurture what you currently have that's positive and good. Not everything needs to be thrown out. 


G - Grow, challenge yourself to continue to Grow mentally, physically, and emotionally.


Remember, "If winter has the courage to turn into spring who says I can't bloom just the same?" -S.R.W