Weathering the Storms of Life

Although storms are exciting to watch from the safety and warmth of home, being out in them is often another matter. Most people run for cover when a storm approaches, seeking safe harbor from the wind, the wet, the cold, the thunder and lightning. 

Life can feel the same way. Most people desire their lives to be generally calm and serene, with some excitement and challenges that they have chosen. Nevertheless, circumstances and events will occur which may turn your life inside out or upside down. 

Weathering the storms of life is a challenge for most folks, but can be tremendously hard for some.  Just like watching a storm from the comfort of your home, you may sometimes try to seek safety from the storms of life by taking cover inside your home. We can take cover and “hunker down” when we feel a storm coming in our lives, but is that the best way to handle our problems? Hiding from our troubles might not be the best answer.

Do you find yourself?

  • Pulling away from friends and family

  • Delaying difficult conversations

  • Assuming the worst

  • Avoiding putting yourself out there

  • Putting off projects

These avoidance tactics can prevent you from taking any emotional risk, and that's something you must do to achieve success. Here are a few things you can do help during a life storm.

Pay attention to your body.

Your body will tell you when you're in escaping mode with signs like tight shoulders, headaches, increased nervousness, indigestion, increased temper, and an inability to concentrate. At the first indications of these symptoms stop what you're doing and think about what you're avoiding. Then get to work on creating a modification in behavior with these tips.

Don't assume.

The inclination to assume that a conversation will be difficult, or that someone is angry with you is what heightens avoidance. As an alternative, go into conversations from a viewpoint of curiosity. What can I learn about this person? You never know what the other person is thinking, so if you go into a conversation assuming the worse, you are more likely to get it.

Split big projects into small steps.

When you fret on the overwhelming aspects of a project, you'll only doubt yourself more and more. Instead, break it into small steps and think only about your next step. Soon you'll be looking back, wondering what all the hype was about.

Do it sooner than later.

Putting off a dreaded project or conversation will not only stress you out but may lead to just the outcome you fear. Stop expecting the worst and just do it.