Money & Marriage

It is no secret that money is one of the top conflict producers in marriages. Whether you are arguing about having too little money or how to spend your wealth, money tends to reveal deeper matters of the heart. As a couple, it is important to be on the same page regarding financial goals. Discuss your hopes and fears regarding money and dream about where you would like to see yourselves financially in 1, 5, 10 years. 

An important talking point before marriage is deciding how to join finances. There is no right or wrong way but the important thing is fostering honesty and transparency about money and where it is going. Whether you choose the raw contribution method, proportional method, or complete commingling, avoid secret spending as it can erode at the foundation of trust in your relationship. Some couples decide to have “fun money” which is a budgeted amount each month that each partner can spend with no questions asked. Use your fun money to splurge on you. This allows some financial independence and personal enjoyment to make the budgeting process more manageable long-term.  

Next, creating a budget together will help you put money aside for those agreed-upon financial goals. Regularly discuss your progress and unexpected expenses to avoid unnecessary stress and potential conflict. It can be helpful to set aside a fixed time every month to go over what’s working and what isn’t, and to see where you can make adjustments. This may not be the most fun time of the month, but creating a routine can make talking about money easier. Below are some helpful budgeting apps that may make the process easier and more accessible. Remember that you are team when it comes to fiances! 


Budget Apps