Temporary Setbacks Are a Part of Healing

Sometimes after we begin working on ourselves, things in our life seem to get worse for a time. Our negative thoughts creep back, work feels impossible, relationships change, things look negative. We are human and therefore have setbacks and make mistakes. It's okay. We need to have compassion for ourselves and recognize that setbacks are part of the growth process. 


Setbacks are temporary.


Setbacks are a normal part of any effort to change . It may be this way for a time, but not forever. Keep working and before you know it the trend will reverse. In the future, things and us, will be better than they were. Our foundation will be solid and we will feel the difference.  


Here are a few things to remember when you feel stuck in a setback

  1. It's normal: Change takes time and often more than one try. Setbacks happen and we CAN choose to grow and learn from them. 

  2. Don't beat yourself up about it: Just because things are going "perfectly" doesn't mean that we aren't moving in the right direction. Remember you are human and there is no perfect way to change. 

  3. Know it won't last forever: Remember this is temporary. You are capable of being the best version of yourself and are worth the work. 

  4. You can do it: Remind yourself of the steps you've taken, regardless of how small they might seem to you.



Remember: Even with setbacks- slow and steady progress can happen.