Your Thoughts Are Just Thoughts

What if I told you your thoughts are just thoughts, nothing more, nothing less, and they don’t always have meaning or purpose. Would you believe me? For many people thoughts present to pass on through, and instead of holding onto every thought they can let them go. However, for those who struggle with OCD the concept of letting go of an intrusive thought is so much more difficult because the thought/s must mean something. Changing your thought process isn’t as easy for everyone, but it is possible with practice and being open to different techniques and ways of thinking.  

  1. It is learning and accepting your that mind is a separate entity from your brain and yourself. Think of your mind as a component of a computer, it is the processor. The processor filters the data such as feeling, emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations. It then decides what to do with that data such as to add, reject or promote color and meaning to the data.  

  2. By using mindfulness, you can take a step back, observe what your mind is doing, and decide how much you want to be involved in this process.  

  3. It is knowing your OCD can twist things to present as what Is happening Now when instead it Is what Has already happened.

  4. OCD lives in the “what if” not the “what is”.

  5. Although your intrusive thoughts may be a part of your experience, it is remembering these intrusive thoughts do not get to declare or determine your identity, and you do not have to act on those thoughts.

  6. By changing our perception of these intrusive thoughts, we get to decide how we view and interpret them.

  7. By taking away the meaning and validation you give intrusive thoughts you begin to give yourself a true reflection of your character.

  8. Sometimes trying to ignore the OCD thoughts can make them worse and even multiple, which  can trick you into believing they must mean something. Being mindful doesn’t mean that everything will go away, and you will be at peace; it is accepting what is going on right now, without judgement, and potentially without fear.

  9. It is knowing that OCD will take your core values and flip them; e.g. if your OCD thoughts are reviewing ways you could snap and hurt others, then being in control is one of your top priorities.

  10. OCD presents through a black and white lens, however in real life there is always some amount of gray. 

What OCD thoughts do you see as all or nothing scenarios? Now challenge yourself by thinking what the gray area in each scenario would be.