How to Practice Self-Care Anywhere

Do you often struggle to find the time to take care of yourself? Self-care is not only important, but it can be easy to do. You don't need to always find an hour or so in your busy schedule to practice self-care. Self-care can be practiced anywhere! If you are always on the go or just can't seem to find the time to take care of yourself-- try practicing one of the self-care tips below.  

 Mindful breathing

You got it- just being mindful about your breathing can be self-care. Take a deep breath in. Hold for five seconds. Breath out through pursed lips -like you are breathing out of a straw. Repeat. Make sure to be mindful of your breath. Listen to how you breathe. 

 Mental Gratitude list

Life can be overwhelming and we can quickly forget the good things when we have a lot on our plate. Give yourself five to ten minutes to make a mental list of 10 things you are grateful for. Ten can seem like a lot when you are having a bad day- but I promise if you really think about it you can find ten things you are grateful for.


During lunch, right before bed, while in the elevator, are just a few times you can choose to read. Make sure you read something you enjoy. A page of a book, a blog post, a magazine article, 

 Listen to music

While you're driving, at lunch, during a break try to listen to a favorite song. Music can be a powerful mood booster. You can listen to just a song or listen to a station you enjoy while you work.


Get outside. Find time for a short walk- I'm not talking about working up a sweat- but you can if you have the time. Just a short walk can help you feel good, clear your mind, and wake up your body.


Take some time to stretch. Just stand up tall and stretch your back, arms, and legs. 

Try one or all of these self-care activities. You are important and you deserve to take care of yourself.