Reframing Negative Thoughts

 Life is sometimes difficult. We often don’t get what we want. 

It is easy to fall into a negative mindset about different life situations. When we continue to play negative thoughts over and over in our mind, they become more believable and often lead to self-defeating thoughts, emotions, and actions. A good way to combat negative thinking is cognitive reframing. Refraiming focuses on adjusting our point of view on a given situation, the facts remain the same, but a deliberate shit is made in how we see it. The goal in cognitive reframing is to try to find a more constructive interpretation of what is happening, which allows us to neutralize negative feelings and become more positive focused. 

The Cognitive Approach to Negative thinking: Ellis' ABC model 

A: Activating event- The specific event or trigger 

B: Beliefs- How do you see the situation? Your interpertation about event or trigger. (Often negative or irrational)

C: Consequence- What you do or feel as a result of the situation. 

In cognitive refremaing the change comes in the belief. The situation is still the same- we just change how we think about it. Let's begin adjusting our negative thinking.