Reinforcing Boundaries

Boundaries are an essential part of healthy relationships, but often times it can be difficult to build and hold boundaries in relationships that have long-standing patterns of poor boundaries or no boundaries at all. Initially, communicating a new boundary can be so difficult and uncomfortable that when it is not immediately honored, the new boundary is abandoned for fear of what would happen if it were reset and upheld.It is natural or people to give push back and test new boundaries we set; however, if we do not stand firm and maintain our boundaries with consequences when they are ignored, we nonverbally and unconsciously communicate to others that we are not serious about our boundaries, and therefore they continue treat us however they wish without repercussions. This perpetuates ongoing cycles of poor boundaries that often lead to anger and resentment. The good news is, that while setting and enforcing boundaries is challenging and requires courage, the process can be quite simple. See the flow chart as a guide for how to begin setting and holding strong to healthy boundaries in your relationships.

Enforcing Boundaries Flow Chart.jpg