Being Clear

Being clear can be difficult for some. We may fear judgement from others if we honestly share our thoughts and feelings with them. We may also fear hurting others if we let them know what’s truly on our hearts and minds.

 However, being clear is actually one of the kindest things we can do, both for ourselves and for others. When we are clear, we lessen the chance for confusion and miscommunication to happen. Clarity allows us to better set and maintain healthy boundaries for ourselves and to communicate our needs to others. All of this actually allows us to increase the chance for connection to happen. It allows others to interact with us on a more genuine basis, having more accurate information from us.

When working on more clearly communicating, one of the most important things we can do is utilize “I” messages. This means being intentional with using “I think… I feel… I want… I need… I would appreciate… I am going to…” in our interactions with others. Being clear may be uncomfortable at times, but in the long run, in can strengthen and deepen our relationships while allowing us to feel more seen, heard, and understood by those around us. It can also lessen our own resentments when we feel our unspoken wants and needs are not being met. Those around us can’t read our minds! 

Being clear does require us to be vulnerable. Vulnerability takes bravery and courage. So know that each time you lean into sharing more authentically, even when it’s hard, you’re being both kind and courageous!