Speaking Expectations

We, the people, do not adjust well without standards. Look all around our society and you will observe boundaries, consequences, and spoken expectations. 

 The hair dryer has a warning label for not drying your hair in the bathtub because someone along time ago got harmed by drying their hair in the bathtub. 

We have “Caution: Hot Liquid” on hot beverage lids because someone sued McDonald’s for serving hot coffee and it harmed them when it spilled. 

So why would you NOT set personal boundaries for yourself, for your partner, for your occupation, for children?

These expectations must be spoken to your friends, families, partners, and children. If not, then you are playing a game no one will win. We then feel lonely and misunderstood. We must SPEAK our expectations for others to live up to them. If others cannot live up to our expectations, then we need to discuss the expectations with them, re-evaluate our expectations, or let the person go. Letting them go allows us not to continue to compromise our gut feeling of our we are loved and live. Letting go is the last step if you feel the expectation is a realistic standard.