It’s all about Perspective

It’s all about perspective. Imagine yourself sitting at the Cowboys’ game on the 50-yard line, while an acquaintance is sitting behind the goal post. After that game winning field goal, you throw your arms up in excitement! However, your friend is already posting about what a good game that was but with a disappointing ending; “#Howcouldhemissthat?!”

While sporting the same jersey and attending the same game, you are experiencing pure excitement and your friend is utterly disappointed. Are you recalling a similar experience? Differences in our perception can lead to conflict amongst others but also internal turmoil. If you find that you are struggling to recall the last time you felt happy, proud, attractive, etc., consider how your perspective is contributing to those feelings. 

Perhaps, those referees can offer a third perspective to settle the differences between you and your friend’s hashtag. Much like a referee, a counselor offers non-judgemental input to help you settle those differences between everyday challenges and your perspective. If this is something that has been difficult, you may consider connecting with a counselor.