Meeting New People

We don't always meet the people we want but who we may need. Meeting someone isn't always for the purpose of happily ever after. Meeting someone may be needed for: friendship, physical or emotional connection, advice, a chance to be heard, to be given an opportunity, to learn a lesson, to give a lesson, to be freed from a toxic relationship, to realize you are sabotaging your relationships or family, that you deserve better, that you are enough, that you can be independent, or that you are a Survivor. When meeting individuals,it is not always a want because the benefits/gifts aren't instantaneously seen or received. Yet sometimes meeting someone isn't for our gain at all, but for the person you are meeting; in this case "tis better to give than it is to receive". So,the next time you meet someone, pause and think,how is it that can Igrow/improve from you? Or is it the opposite,is there something I can offer to you,to help you grow/improve?