This Is Us: Season 3 Episode 8

Honesty is the Best Policy


It’s Thanksgiving again at the Pearson’s and we end up seeing some conflict between Randall and Beth who usually manage their relationship pretty well. Beth and Randall’s campaign director can’t seem to get on the same page about publicity of Randall serving dinner to the homeless. Beth wants the event to be something Randall just does out of the kindness of his heart while Jay Won wants to get the news to cover the act of kindness. They exchange words at the Soup Kitchen and eventually Randall slips up and reveals that he doesn’t think Beth’s ideas are as good as he has let on. He shares that he thought she needed some wins after losing her job and has just been letting her believe that he thought she was doing a good job. 


Here lies the age old question about white lies. Was it worth telling Beth she was doing great in order to boost her confidence when in reality Randall didn’t agree with her plans? In close, committed relationships it is almost always better to tell the absolute truth. The truth may hurt our loved ones and in turn we may hurt because we have caused hurt, but this is better for everyone in the long run. One way or another the truth comes out, and it is often more painful to hear hurtful truth after it has been masked by a lie. 


There is a Proverb that says:

“Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.”


When we know we are loved and cared for by someone who is delivering a “wound” we can trust that they did so for a good reason. We have actually become our loved ones enemy when we placate them with flattery. 


Some things to consider:

  1. 1. Have you been lying to someone you care about? Is this lie really best? How might you deliver the truth in love?

Have you been hurt by someone delivering truth? Instead of getting angry could you choose to see their motive of helping you?