Values VS Valuables: the search for treasure 

What are we willing to put a price tag on? Often, we determine value based off monetary worth; but what if we’re missing true treasure because we are distracted by the next new thing? In our consumer society, how “rich” we are is largely a reflection of “stuff”. We are filling a cup with a hole in the bottom. When’s the next upgrade; phone, car, clothes, or innovative fashion accessory (apple watches, air pods, the list goes on and on). Further, we compare our valuables to others’ around us and it determines our desire for more. 

We exhaust ourselves, we're left discontent and empty still. 

So, where do we find true treasure? Here's a clue, eternal valuables are not store bought. 

Things like memories, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, faith, kindness, loyalty, family, respect, relationships, time, knowledge, peace, sunsets, laughter, adventure, imagination, love, and friendship are a true measure of value. 


One day, all the “stuff” of this world will end up in a landfill — Will you still be rich?