Balancing Roles

How do we create a healthy balance in our roles? It's a REAL struggle. Most of us play many roles-- employee, spouse, parent, friend, sibling, child, lover of (insert activity), etc. and it's no secret that roles can easily become unbalanced. Creating a balance is about feeling good about how we spend our time. Wanting to feel good about how we spend our time is important. When we have balance -- we feel better about what we spend our time doing. Below are a few tips to help develop better balance in roles. 


1: Examine current roles. Make a list of ALL current roles. It is important to dedicate time into identifying roles and writing them out.  

2: Eliminate the "extra" roles. Identify roles that are no longer important to you and cross them off. Think about why they are no longer important to you. 

3: Add new roles (if needed). Now that roles have been identified and 'extras' eliminated, see if there are new roles that you want to add. 

4: Priortize your roles. Now that you have all the roles you want; make a new list of your roles by prioritizing them. 

5: Know that your current roles are not concreate. Roles can always be adjusted and rebalanced.  


There is no IEAL or PERFECT way to balance roles- You just need to feel good about what your roles are and how you spend your time.