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NAMI Mental Health Awareness Opportunity- Northpark in Dallas

The National Alliance of Mental Illness is hosting an event at Ebar at Nordstorm Northpark Center on October 13th from 12-4 in Dallas, TX.Taylor Counseling Group is partnering with NAMI to spread awareness and promote positive conversations about mental health issues today. The second week in October is Mental Health Awareness Week so this event will wrap up the week with 'sweet' treat and good conversations with The Depressed Cake Shop. The Depressed Cake shop will be selling baked goods at this fundraiser to raise money for NAMI and the expansion of mental health awareness. The baked goods will be in a gray colors on the outside, symbolizing the sadness and challenging times that those who struggle with mental health issues endure. However when cut open, the inside fo the baked goods will have bright colors, symbolizing that these people still have happiness and joy inside them to share with the rest of the world.

The Depressed Cake Shop started in the UK and now there are more than 30 of them in the world. Many of the bakers in these shops also struggle with mental health issues and others are fighting for loved ones that endure these struggles.  

This event will engage you in conversations about mental health and recovery, promote empathy within yourself towards others, and offer information and resources for support. Come out and join us for a 'sweet' time!

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