A support group for Fetal Death and StillBirth

Empty Arms is a free support group for women hosted in our Galleria office by Johanna Horstman, M.A. LPC - Intern (Supervised by Dr. Christopher S. Taylor, LPC-S). The group meets weekly on Tuesday mornings and no registration or commitment is required. Fetal death/miscarriage, and stillbirths are some of the most painful life experiences possible and often leave us questioning our worth and purpose. Not only are these tragic events extremely painful, but they carry a great deal of shame. Many women choose to struggle in the darkness, feeling as though they are unable to connect with others. This support group is for women who are suffering and is a place to gather and to support one another. 

Empty Arms

  • A Free Support Group for Women

  • No Registration or Reservations

  • No Judgment

  • No Shame


On Summer hiatus; resuming after Labor Day. 

Every Tuesday

7:00 AM to 8:30 AM

Galleria Office