Consultation & Education

In addition to striving to provide affordable and professional care to our clients, Taylor Counseling Group offers consultation and educational services to mental health providers throughout Texas. Working closely with state Representatives, Senators and the Agricultural Department we are dedicated to developing lasting solutions to better serve, our rural communities, veterans, and those in need. Not only do we work closely with government agencies to assist in the development of new programs but we provide consultation for private practice development and on going education for providers who desire to build the best practice possible.   

  Dr. Christopher S. Taylor

Dr. Christopher S. Taylor


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Consulting Services

Private practice is not an easy thing to manage. As therapists we are trained to be compassionate and caring. Our educational programs do not offer any real business components and many of us have no idea how to run a small business. We enter into private practice because we want to help people but quickly find that we are ill equipped to manage the business aspect of growing and developing the practice we want. Often times, therapist will give up on private practice because they cannot build the case load they want. Research shows that many therapists burn out of private practice due to the demanding nature of seeing a full caseload and trying to manage their practice. 

We firmly believe that running your practice should not be a barrier to offering your clients the care they need. We are here to help you develop the practice you want and navigate all the complexities of business management. One-on-one consulting is offered by appointment only. Additionally, we offer continuing education course to help your practice thrive and to connect you with other therapists struggling with the same issues.  


Our Services 

  • Business basics
  • Practice foundation
  • Practice development 
  • Insurance navigation
  • Identity and goal setting
  • Long term planning
  • Support services

Upcoming Events


Supervision Update

Dr. Christopher S. Taylor and Dr. Ken Bateman will be leading a full day supervision workshop on March 23rd. The course will be held at New Directions and will count for supervision and/or LPC ethics CEUs. Space is limited. 

March 23rd, 2018 | 6 hours of Supervision or LPC ethics

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Grow Your Practice: Complaince 

Detials Coming Soon!

May, 2018


Prepare/Enrich Facilitator Training

Details Coming Soon!

June, 2018


Grow Your Practice: Identity and Goals

Details Coming Soon!

July, 2018