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We Believe in the Power of Community Support

As a core value, we are dedicated to providing local services and to connecting clients with community programs to improve and enrich their lives.

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Invest In Yourself and Your People with Dr. Christopher Taylor

Howdy, Ags! Today, we have Christopher Taylor ’07, CEO and founder of Taylor counseling group, a mental health company striving to take Texas from last to first in terms of mental health! In this episode, Chris shares how his group makes mental health accessible to everyone. So make sure to tune in to learn more!

8 Ways To Maintain Work-Life Balance And Avoid The ‘Holidaze’

Dr. Taylor and Taylor Counseling Group contribute ways to avoid family conflicts throughout the holidays.

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Get Better At Business with Travis Richards

In this episode join Travis Richards, CEO of Catco, to discuss with guest, Dr. Christopher S. Taylor how he has changed his managing style to allow employees to increase their professional growth. Also how being able to find the right fit in a job and matching the company's culture is important. Dr. Taylor discusses how he was able to learn from these experiences and use them to enrich his business.

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