Creating Boundaries With Narcissists

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Recognizing and understanding narcissistic patterns is the first step to healing. Here are a number of resources to help you navigate through living, working, or communicating with a narcissist and their tactics.

TCG is happy to partner with Independently Strong to help Spouses and Partners of Alcoholics and Addicts with a new online Recovery Course – you can learn more about narcissistic abuse in their resources.

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Narcissistic Triangulation: What It Is, How to Recognize It and Tips for Dealing With It

Narcissist Triangulation: What is it, how to recognize it and how to deal with it

Triangulation is a damaging and toxic manipulation strategy, whether the person instigating it is aware they are doing it or not. If you feel like you’ve been a victim of triangulation or other narcissistic behaviors, help is available.

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Is Narcissism A Personality Disorder?

Lear about Narcissism, types of narcissists, and narcissistic personality disorder.

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Covert Narcissists: Signs and How to Respond to One

Not every narcissist is charismatic and charming. When you talk to a covert narcissist, they may seem depressed, downtrodden and sorrowful at how the world has passed them by. However, the more time you spend with them, the more you’ll realize that some actually enjoy playing the victim.

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