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If you want to improve your mental health or going through a difficult time, every day might feel like running a marathon — exhausting.

At Taylor Counseling Group, we understand what you’re going through. Our compassionate, licensed counselors have experience helping individuals navigate some of life’s greatest challenges, including mental health issues, trauma, relationship conflicts and major transitions. We want to help you emerge from this tough time feeling stronger, healthier and happier.

If you live in Houston and need support or someone who understands, reach out to us. Our counselors can help you find the life you’re looking for.

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We’re accepting new patients at our Houston locations. We have offices in the following places:

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Tracy Wilshusen, MSW, LCSW

The Woodlands

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therapist in the woodlands

Cynthia Hinds, M.A., LPC

The Woodlands

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Jamia Woods, LMFT

West Houston

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Mariana Colon Counselor in Houston

Mariana Colon, LPC, LMFT

Houston Memorial Park

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Megan Hawkins, M.A., LPC-Associate

Houston Memorial Park

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Erica Gault - Therapist in The Woodlands

Erica Gault, M. Ed., LPC Associate

The Woodlands

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Janie Corcoran Therapist in West Houston

Janie Corcoran, MA, LPC

West Houston

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Blake Fogle Therapist in West Houston

Blake Fogle, MA, LPC

West Houston

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Katia Flores, MS, LPC

Houston Memorial Park

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Hailey-Lou Vaske, LPC-Associate

The Woodlands

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therapist in houston

Iyesha Gatling, MA, LMFT

Houston Memorial Park

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Sarah Police LPC

Sarah Police, M.A., LPC, LCDC

The Woodlands

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Why Choose Us?

Houston is a fantastic place to live, and we proudly call it home. However, like many places in the United States, Houston doesn’t have enough mental health providers to meet the need. We’re driven to help change that.

Every person should have access to mental health services provided by skilled, compassionate counselors. We aim to make counseling more accessible, convenient and affordable to residents in Houston.

We offer the following:

  • Affordable sessions: Mental health care should not be out of reach due to someone’s financial situation. We offer several payment options for various income levels with our Affordable Care Program starting at $30 per session. Visit the Affordable Care Program page to learn more.
  • Accepts insurance: We also work with most major insurance providers. Find out if you’re covered.
  • Convenient online scheduling: Deciding to meet with a counselor is a big step towards a happier life. We want to make it as easy as possible to take that step. You can schedule your appointment easily online through our client portal, any time, any day.
  • In-person or virtual therapy: Are you unable to make it to one of our offices, or do you prefer virtual appointments? We provide the option to join virtual counseling sessions to meet your needs and preferences.
  • Safe, welcoming space: We understand it can be challenging to open up about trauma, fears, sexuality or relationships. You can depend on us to welcome you with a warm, supportive, safe and nonjudgmental environment to explore whatever’s on your mind.

Insurance We Accept

Affordable Care Program


Our Mental Health Services

There are many different ways to deliver mental health services. We offer various types of counseling to help our clients grow and transform, including:

  • Individual counseling: Individual counseling gives you the space and time to explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs under the guidance of a highly trained therapist. Working together, you’ll develop a treatment plan to help you set and reach your desired goals. Individual counseling can help you manage stress and anxiety, build confidence, get through a difficult life transition, and set meaningful and attainable goals.
  • Couples counseling: Our relationships play major roles in our lives and can impact our mental health significantly. Through couples counseling, a therapist can help you and your partner understand each other and communicate better. That way, you can both enjoy a more positive and supportive relationship.
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Why Get Counseling in Houston?

Mental health is crucial to living a fulfilling life. When you’re in good shape mentally, it’s easier to maintain relationships, be productive at work, manage stress levels and take care of yourself physically. Sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to be.

Counseling can help you take control of your mental health and gain a new outlook on life. Depending on your needs, counseling may help you:

  • Identify and change negative, self-defeating thought patterns.
  • Understand your emotions so you can determine your needs.
  • Develop communication skills to enjoy more harmonious relationships.
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence to achieve your goals.
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental health disorders.
  • Gain clarity and insight into things that are troubling you.
  • Feel stronger in the face of adversity or stress.
  • Feel motivated to practice self-care and improve physical health.

No two treatment plans are the same. Your counselor will work with you to determine your unique needs and goals and develop an individualized treatment plan.

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Whether you’ve struggled with mental health issues for years or are going through a challenging transition, we’re here for you. Our counselors are ready to help you discover your true needs and live a life that’s authentic and balanced.

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