Affordable Care

Affordable Care

Everyone should have access to mental health services, no matter their income level. Many shy away from much-needed therapy because of the cost. At Taylor Counseling Group, one of our core values is offering affordable care — reliable and accessible mental health care to anyone who needs it.

We’re here for patients throughout Central Texas, including individuals of all ages who struggle with stress, anxiety or other mental health concerns. We work to alleviate your mental health challenges so you can begin to see hope and healing in your life. Don’t let your budget stand in the way of getting the help you need.

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Julie Furber, M.S., MCRC, LPC-Associate


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Elaine LaBruyere

Elaine La Bruyère, Practicum Student


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Shane Chance LPC

Shane Chance, LPC-Associate

San Antonio: Alamo Heights

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Elizabeth Crowder MA LMFTA

Elizabeth Crowder M.A., LMFT-Associate


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Holly Patterson, MA, MS, LPCA

Holly Patterson, MA, MS, LPC Associate


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Abigail Locke, M.A., LPC ASSOCIATE

Abigail Locke, M.A. LPC Associate


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Therapist Marchele Lott

Marchele Lott, MFT, LMFT-Associate

San Antonio: Alamo Heights

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Katie Shaw-Meadow, M.A., LPC Associate

San Antonio

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How Our Affordable Therapy Program Works

At Taylor Counseling Group, we’re proud to offer low-cost, affordable individual and relationship counseling. With our affordable care program, you don’t need insurance and you don’t need to be in-network. In fact, we’re unable to accept insurance for our services. We provide professional counseling that fits your budget — our affordable rates mean top-notch mental health care for all.

With our income-based Affordable Care Program, you can meet with one of our Licensed Professional Counselor Associates or our Practicum Students under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Taylor. Dr. Taylor is a board-approved supervisor serving on the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors as a professional member.

Take a look at our affordable therapy options and reduced rates to learn more.

Affordable Counseling With Counselor Associates

When you contact Taylor Counseling Group, you can be paired with a professional graduate student working to become a licensed counselor or psychologist. Our Licensed Professional Counselor Associates have all completed a master’s level education. These skilled individuals have a passion for helping people and are well-trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities.

Our Counselor Associates serve under the direct supervision of Dr. Taylor, so your care is always supervised.

Counselor Associates Rates Starting as Low as $40 Per Session

You can meet with one of our highly trained Counselor Associates for as low as $40 per hour session. All our rates are income-based to ensure you can afford high-quality care.

  • $20,000 per year annual income qualifies you for a reduced rate of $40/hour session
  • $40,000 per year annual income qualifies you for a reduced rate of $60/hour session
  • $60,000 per year annual income qualifies you for a reduced rate of $80/hour session

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Affordable Therapy With Practicum Students

Our Practicum Students are currently working on completing their master’s level education. Under the supervision of Dr. Taylor, they’re here to offer compassionate therapeutic care.

Practicum Student Rates as Low as $20 Per Session

Affordable counseling from our well-trained practicum students starts as low as $20 per hour session. You can rest assured that our income-based program gets you the help you need at a price you can afford.

  • $20,000 per year annual income qualifies you for a reduced rate of $20/hour session
  • $40,000 per year annual income qualifies you for a reduced rate of $30/hour session
  • $60,000 per year annual income qualifies you for a reduced rate of $40/hour session

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Contact Taylor Counseling Group for Affordable Counseling

If you feel overwhelmed and need someone to talk to, don’t wait. Low-cost counseling could offer you the help and healing you need to find new hope for tomorrow. Schedule your appointment with one of our Counselor Associates or Practicum Students online or give us a call at (214) 530-0021 .


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